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Only download latest directory folder (Remote -> Local)


Here's my Scenario:
A remote FTP root directory contains a month of folders (new folder added daily) containing XML files, example folder names - /2019-09-09/, /2019-09-10/ etc..

I'm simply trying to download the latest daily folder from the remote FTP source to a local target via script.

Initially I tested a time constraint to download latest folder:
get -filemask="*>=today" / C:\local\
Result - downloaded all 30 folders from remote -> local directory, 29 of which were empty, 2019-09-10 folder contained subfiles.

After the result above, I decided to test a directory exclusion:
get -filemask="|/2019-08-*/;" / C:\local\
Result - Successfully excluded august and only downloaded september folders/files

So is there a switch that'll exclude everything except for today's folder? (unless there's a more efficient solution) I'm new to WinSCP scripting and feel like I'm missing an obvious switch.

WinSCP 5.15.2

Thanks for your time