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Re: Authentication failed

And what is your question?
Either the you are under MITM attack. Or more likely, you have just specified a wrong hostkey fingerprint - probably in your script, though you didn't really tell us how are you using WinSCP.

Please read how to troubleshoot problems with WinSCP. If it turns out that you are not able to help yourself, read how to ask for support or report bugs efficiently, so others can help you.
Shailendra SIngh

Authentication failed

getting the below error

Host key does not match configured key "ssh-rsa 4096 c1:e1:70:aa:c5:0e:b5:60:1a:82:ac:1d:dc:5e:19:88"! Host key fingerprint is ssh-rsa 2048 44:b7:21:2f:c0:ec:82:63:b2:ff:15:0b:0f:b2:a7:16. Authentication failed