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JakeH1 wrote:

Any word?

Did you get any of my emails?

Any word?

Just emailed. Thanks.

Re: Winscp 5.15.5 hangs/freezes on startup

Thanks for your report.

Can you send me an email, so I can send you back a debug version of WinSCP to track the problem? Please include a link back to this topic in your email. Also note in this topic that you have sent the email. Thanks.

You will find my address (if you log in) in my forum profile.

Winscp 5.15.5 hangs/freezes on startup

Launching Winscp freezes the the startup screen. Have to kill the task to get rid.
Found a temporary fix that, somehow, overcomes the problem:
1. right click the app shortcut properties
2. in Compatibility tab - check "run in 640X480 screen resolution" and click apply
3. run the app and let it open, then close,
4. Undo/uncheck (2) and apply, then relaunch app

I have to repeat the above each time I run the app. Had the same issue with previous winscp versions.
Running Windows 10 1903. Screen resolution: 1920X1200. Running a custom scale factor of %110 (to make everything a bit easier to see).
Any thoughts?