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Re: Two passwords needed to enter server

WinSCP scripting does not support multi-password authentication.

You might be able to hack it by providing the second password using a redirected input.

Two passwords needed to enter server

Hello everybody. Ive read the documentation on how to login using with username and password pre-entered, and I've already tried using the script generator after logging in on the GUI. But my server, when I login asks for my gateway username and password (balabit).

open sftp://gu%3DMyGatewayUser%40ServerUsername%40ServerHost:ServerPassword%4001@MainAuthenticationHost/ -hostkey="ssh-rsa 2048 longlongKey"

This almost works, but when winscp prompts for the second password it doesnt have, So, or it denies access, since I only have on my script on of the passwords, or if I take one of the passwords from the script string I have to input manually both of them (my gateway one, and the server one) And I really needed to automate some ftp file operations.

does anyone know how I could automate this authentication part ?

Below, my connection when I took both passwords (it still signals Access Denied but prompts for the second password anyway - labeled "senha" below)
Usando nome de usuário "gu=GatewayUser@ServerUsername@ServerHostName".
Usando autenticação interativa de teclado.
Please specify the requested information
Gateway password: (GatewayPassword Manually inputted)
Acesso negado. <- It didnt deny, since it asks for the second password below - it happens when I login using putty as well.
Senha (ServerPassword)
Iniciando a sessão...
Sessão iniciada.
Sessão ativa: [1] gu=GatewayUser@ServerUsername@ServerHost@AuthenticationHost
winscp> <- Logged in