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You seem to mix two unrelated things.
RCData resource is not related to "own conf file".
What exactly do you want to do?

Thank's Martin,

It's exactly what I needed,I have tested some custom distribution with my own conf file, but I want to create a custom distribution for each associated private key (it will be more simple for future user).
I have found :
You can also embed private key to be used for authentication to RCData resource named “WINSCP_KEY”. WinSCP will automatically try to use it for authentication unless session has its own key configured.

I tried to add this record in [Sessions\.....] with WINSCP_SESSION=My private key with no success
Any idea ?


Custom install

Hi everyone,

In my company, we actually use WinSCP portable version (on 3-4 servers max for files sharing), but in a few week we are going to deploy winscp.exe (the real setup) on many computer (to non-it guys).
I would like to export a basic configuration from my old version, and import automaticly when a user setup the new one.
Do you know if is it possible ?