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Found the solution.
I am leaving it here in case someone else runs into the same issue:
There is a space in this expression between log and the = symbol. There should not be any.
/log ="D:\Projects\ert\fbi\WinSCPLog\TransferLog.log"

script with logging


I am using this script to move files on my FTP server, but it stopped working when I added this part.
/log ="D:\Projects\ert\fbi\WinSCPLog\TransferLog.log"

Any idea why?

The full code is below:

 /console  /log ="D:\Projects\ert\fbi\WinSCPLog\TransferLog.log"   /command "open s -hostkey=""ecdsa-s*****256 256 52:07:59:b2:f6:0b******:04""  -privatekey=""D:\Projects\ert\fbi\FTP_Keys\dev.ppk""" "get incoming/*.txt D:\Projects\ert\fbi\Incoming\" "mv incoming/*.txt /incoming/archive/" "exit"