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Windows backup via FTP - Handle file moving, etc.

Hi WinSCP forum.

I'm new to WinSCP (having used FileZilla for most of my FTP needs), and am amazed by the huge functionality allowed by scripts.

I was wondering if there would be any way to have a script back up Windows for me, using the following ruleset:
- Only the most recent copy of a file is retained. It checks for changes to the file, and if it detects one, it overwrites, otherwise, it skips.
- It only copies one of each file (as long as the metadata such as name / filesize / modification date, etc. match). So, if a file is moved between folders, a second copy of it isn't created. Or if it finds the same file twice in different folders, it doesn't copy it twice.

Essentially, I'm trying to use WinSCP to make a off-site copy of my active Windows C: drive, via FTP.

I've taken a look into the scripts, and am aware of the sync functions, but they don't quite match the ruleset above. I'm not sure if there's any other command, or parameters that could be added to achieve the ruleset above.

The issue with Sync is that it will keep increasing in size, and cannot track files being moved, etc. I'll end up with 500 of the same file as it's moved around.

Any assistance would be appreciated! Thanks.