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Re: VirusTotal Detection of

Thanks for your reports. I have added this to the list of know false positives.
Issue 530 – WinSCP detected as trojan/virus
Unfortunately it does not seem like I can report the false positive to Yomi Hunter.

same here
Virus Alert!
The requested file 'WinSCP-5.15.9-Setup.exe' has been blocked.
Block Reason: Barracuda ATP
Threat: Risk estimate: Medium Risk - Sample contains suspicious behavior.
Details: Barracuda Advanced Thread Protection found an APT

VirusTotal Detection of

VirusTotal is flagging as malware with one engine, Quttera. I have downloaded WinSCP version 5.15.9 and uploaded the file and the sandboxing site Yomi Hunter is flagging it as malware. I do not see this with the previous version 5.15. I assume that this is a false positive, but it was definitely flagged in our normal scanning procedure.