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Sorry, that's not possible.


Yeah I can do that, but I have many different projects with same schema but with different projecName.

So I was hoping I can use the same "Transfer setting preset" for each one of them. But it appears there must be separate preset for each project.

Anyways, thanks for reply :)

Re: Mask for single folder with any name

Just use an absolute path:
| /full/path/public_html/projectName/vendor/
Or use a wildcard path like:
| */public_html/projectName/vendor/

Mask for single folder with any name

Is it possible to specify a mask where wildcard is for single folder only (not any number of folders)?

I'm trying to make a sync preset to accomplish this:
- this vendor folder (in project's root) will be excluded and
- vendor folders in other directories will be not excluded.

Sorry if this is covered in documentation, but i was not able to find it.