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not the client

I figured out that it isn't the client, downloaded others and it works the same. This isn't the correct forum but I hope somebody can help me out. Is there a way to make openssh for windows stop applying unix style file permisions on my windows server. I downloaded a commerical product (bitvise) and it doesn't have that problem.

help help.


Copy problem

I am using winscp 3.8.0 build 312
My server is a win 2003, running openssh from kinda old but I like the small and easy install. As a side note if anybody has a recommendation for a lite sshd instead of the whole cygwin environment that would be great.

My problem is that when I copy files from my xp machine to my win 2003 server using sftp the file permissions are stamped with unix style permissions. Even though I have the set permissions option unchecked. I this a bug?