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Re: Problem with synchronize bat-file and .tex files

Please post a session log file both from the script and the "program".

Problem with synchronize bat-file and .tex files

I have a bat file set up which should synchronize two folders one a PC one on the server.
It works perfekt but doesnt Synchronize tex files (i.e tex,aux,lov,out,syc,suc.....)

I use sftp with latest version and the cmd console doesnt list the said files.

this is my synchronize file:

open s -hostkey="XXXXXXXXXXXX" -rawsettings FSProtocol=2 ProxyPort=0
"synchronize" "both" "C:\Users\BBBBB\Desktop\EEEEEEEE" "/AAAAAAA/EEEEEE"

and this my bat file:

@echo off
explorer "C:\Users\BBBB\Desktop\EEEEEE" /ini=nul /script=winscp3.txt

If i synchronize via in program synchronize options it works perfectly.

Thanks for help in advance