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Re: how to always replace the remote file if the source file size is different (larger OR smaller)

Please attach a full session log file showing the problem (using the latest version of WinSCP). Give us a name of a file that is handled incorrectly.

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sorry for another message, but now I just confirmed the exact opposite behavior on a separate system. This has been my confusion. I am testing this on multiple machines, all uploading microsoft access files, and I seem to get different behavior on different machines, and possibly on different days of the same machine as I try to debug the problem.

Now when I do NOT include -criteria=size all the files are updated, but when I include the flag they are ignored.

Any thoughts on the proper method? Does the order of the flags matter?

ok, maybe I was wrong.
using the criteria flag worked for me just now to replace a remote file that was larger than the source file.

Should I need this criteria flag however with 'mirror'?

My exact script:
synchronize remote -mirror -criteria=size

how to always replace the remote file if the source file size is different (larger OR smaller)

I would like to replace remote files with the source files when the file size is different. The file size can be larger or smaller, it does not matter. I also do not care about the time stamps being older or newer.

My source files are on a windows machine, the remote system is a Ubuntu server. The files are binary files.

There are no errors, the files are simply not recognized.

I have tried the following scripts with the following results:
synchronize remote -mirror
(this will not replace a remote file that has a larger file size than the source file)

synchronize remote -mirror -criteria=size
(same result as above)

synchronize remote -criteria=size
(same result as above)

Hopefully I am just missing something simple. Thanks!