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Re: WinSCP Won't show C:\ Drives content

What does it mean "that are not the directories of my user on this machine"? What does C:\Users\ folder look like in Windows File Explorer?

WinSCP Won't show C:\ Drives content

I saw an earlier string of users on Windows 7 having issues seeing the contents of their drives subject "WinSCP Won't show C:\ Drives content". As of yesterday, I am experiencing the same issue on Windows 10 using the latest version of WinSCP, Version 5.17.5 (Build 10414).

You wrote:
Thanks for your report. Please start a new thread and post more details. Is it only C: root? Or a whole drive? Do you get any error? Some screenshot may help too.

See attached screenshot:
1. On authentication, I see C:\Users\ directory that are not the directories of my user on this machine
2. I back up to C:\ root
3. And see a Users directory
4. Takes me back to the same users directory that is not my user on this machine

No errors resolve however it seems like Winscp does not have permission to access my user's directories on this machine? I am the admin of this machine and have never experienced this behavior on Winscp in the several years of usage of your product.

Thank you for your help!