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ExitCode in system command

I am trying winscp through loadrunner (testing tool based on C), using system command . The system command in turn calls a batch script and all my winscp commands are written in this batch script.
I am basically doing a upload and stat check for the file presence.
But to validate this in Loadrunner, i need to get a return value from batch script to the loadrunner.
I read that ExitCode gives the return. But i want to know how to get it working through system command.
My basic system command in loadrunner with arguments is as follows. i want to include ExitCode here

sprintf(command, "winscp.bat %s %s",lr_eval_string("{UserName}"),lr_eval_string("{Password}"));

Ref i got with PHP is as follows
system(" /script=example.txt", $exitcode);
if ($exitcode == 0)
    echo "success\n";
    echo "error\n";
    // handle an error