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Sync Local files using Task Scheduler

Ok, I'm a noob and an old fart. Any help is appreciated. I've tried using automation to run file updates, hopefully at 4 am. I've read too many examples and too many articles, watched too many videos with no success. I've gotten close using a bastardized script, but not there yet.
Local file: C:\TCS\FacilityRoster
Remote: /PubDef:
Script: /open "winscp-s" /synchronize C:\TCS\FacilityRoster\ /PubDef: exit

This opens WinSCP fine but stops on the Synchronize Dialog, with Local and Remote Directories in place and options set correctly. But it sits there waiting for me to click the "OK" button. Not what I want to do at 4 am. Help!

Found a solution:

/command "open s -hostkey=""ssh-dss 1024 BMmWt9Cms2xI/ci6NgLbQr7k5tEUJ3fONrclhHPPEyI=""" "cd PubDef:" "lcd C:\TCS\FacilityRoster" "get *" "exit"