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Re: network error Connection refused

If you have no "FTP" option, you must have an ancient version of WinSCP. FTP protocol is supported by WinSCP since version 4.0 from 2007. But if your current version of WinSCP did work for you in the past, you must have been using a protocol that it supports (SFTP or SCP). Hard to help you with the little information you have provided. Talk to your server administrator, if you do not know how to connect.

network error Connection refused

Not sure what to use in my host name because I have not received the WinSCP Login screen since I first logged in many years ago. For host name, do I type in or For user name do you use example_ftp? The only Protocol options I have to select or SFTP, SFTP (allow SCP fallback) and SCP. There is no FTP selection.