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I found the error in my script. I was create a new instance of transferOptions and the foreach end key was mixed with the end key of and if.

I was able to overcome the Access denied error, therefore this thread can be closed.

Thanks for your attention.

File system denied the access when connecting with FTP(21) to IIS site directly with Basic Authentic

I need to load images listed in each index file (with extesion .idx), after the images are loaded I need to upload the corresponding index file and save it in a back up folder. However after successfully loaded tif images, I unable to upload index file as I get access denied.

On a Windows Server 2012 R2 I have set the ftp site with Built-In Authorization provider/ Basic Authentication, Default Domain:local and granted Read/Write access to the user that makes the connection (ravpd). The user also has Full permissions on all subdirectories under /apps (Application folder). Under camksrdo218 site Advance Settings, I have set Allow Reading Files While Uploading to True under File Handling.

I've attached Jpeg2FTPS powershell script and WinSCP.log for your perusal.

Reviewing file locks on the file with openfiles query, no lock shows up.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance for your attention.