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Re: Uploading a File using CGI script - Succeeded but?


Uploading a File using CGI script

Hi There,

I was a Newbie in WINSCP so please bear with me.

I have an application which works fine when I upload a file on our webserver using my application written in VBA and having an HTTP ActiveX control. I have used a CGI script to do the trick of uploading the file on the server.

I am doing a test right now if the same application I've developed can work in WINSCP. I was able to successfully connect to the server, I was able to check if the file exists on the server. In short I can access the server. But what puzzles me is that when I upload the file, although the response from the server using my HTTP ActiveX control is successful, the file was not successfully uploaded into the server. I also wasn't able to successfully edit my log file. I have the full access control on the folder and I can successfully execute the CGI script.

I am just wondering what I have missed. Is it possible to upload on the WINSCP using the CGI script or I really need to follow the WINSCP scripting to perfrom this procedure? Please advise.

Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

Best Regards,