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It is VERY IMPORTANT that cryptomator works, & automatically detects the different encrypted vaults

It is VERY IMPORTANT that the cryptomator works, and automatically detects the different encrypted vaults that are in each folder.

It is very important, because today, the security of data in VITAL for all people and for all companies.

Is that Criptomator is a STANDARD as we could say ZIP, RAR, 7Z.

Criptomator is a STANDARD that has been fully implemented, all over the world, as a data encryption system, which allows you to clearly see the name of the file, and decrypt the content, and yet, on the hard disk of the cloud, it is written fully encrypted.
And therefore there is no danger that no one knows the content of the files.

The type of data encryption is AES-256.

Please do it as soon as possible.

And above all, MAKE SURE, that Criptomator works, with the COMMAND LINE method from MSDOS as well (copy, create folder, move, upload, download, rename folder or file, and very important: Load only a folder with its subfolders) .

Implant Criptomator, Now, because otherwise the WinSCP program is very outdated and out of date.

TODAY INVOLVES full encryption. And Criptomator WORKS, and it's terrific. It is proven, and it is very very effective.

Criptomator is much better than rar, zip, 7z encryption.

Because it allows you to view documents online.

WinSCP also has to allow, that if we double click on a file, it can be edited on our computer, and if we modify it, once recorded, IT WILL UPLOAD IT AUTOMATICALLY.

And if it is .DOCX or .XLSX, open it automatically with the corresponding program.
And that doesn't do it either.

Re: Cryptomator Cloud Encryption Support

Cryptomator integration would be very helpful!

I am trying to use portable WinSCP with portable Cryptomator but cannot get it working. This is useful to access personal files at a library for example.

Re: Cryptomator Cloud Encryption Support

Thanks for your suggestion.
We will see, if more people ask for this.

Cryptomator Cloud Encryption Support

Okay it's suckin Java but you should add Cryptomator APIs:

So its easy to extend cloud encryption support using a widespread "standard".
Should be quick and easy to add.