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Re: Filter for "Keep local directory up to date"

Thanks for your suggestion.

This request has been added to the tracker:
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Filter for "Keep local directory up to date"

Hi martin,
When using the GUI drag and drop, I can (obviously...) choose which files and folders to copy from remote to local. It would be a huge help if the 'Keep local directory up to date' command had a filtering option - best case scenario would be name filtering and attribute filtering, e.g. blah*.txt > 1 kB pre 2019-12-31, which would then only copy text files beginning with "blah" that are over 1024 Bytes and last modified before 2020.

Little insight to my situation: Every day, files are created in a hidden temp folder and will then, by the end of the day, be moved to a folder named YYYY-MM-DD according to that day. I'd like to exclude this temporary folder from being looked after for changes. This could be done by either filtering out folders whose names begin with "." or that have set the hidden attribute.
Is there a way to achieve this?


P.S. I will try version 1888, soon. Thank you very much for the update!!