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Re: How do download all files recursively from a website directory

If the files are available over HTTP protocol only, you cannot use WinSCP for the download.

WinSCP supports only file transfer protocols like SFTP or FTP.

How do download all files recursively from a website directory

I am looking to do something fairly simple. I am taking a class at a college. There is a webpage with a schedule and links to lecture slides. I discovered that you can navigate to a URL folder that has all the lecture files in subfolders. I thought download all these files would be a very trivial thing in WinSCP. I have done this sort of thing before with something I think called WinHTTP?

Anyway, if WinSCP has this capability I would rather just do it there than start installing multiple apps to transfer files. I looked at WebDAV, but that just wants the hostname. I have a specific URL, like:
[there are multiple folders here that look like this]
Parent Directory
lecture01/ date
lecture02/ date
lecture03/ date

Can I do this with WinSCP?