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Thanks for sharing your solution.

Hi all,
After some investigations I found a solution.
It looks like something has changed in the configuration of our servers.

In the past I could use the "File protocol" SCP and everything works well, but nowadays this leads to errors. If I change the "File protocol" to SFTP everything works well, and I could copy my data.

So the problem is solved \°/

Download with Winscp fails while PSCP is working


I'm try to download a file from a Unix server, but I always get the error message:
Host is not communicating for more than 15 seconds.
Still waiting...
Note: If the problem repeats, try turning off 'Optimize connection buffer size'.
Warning: Aborting this operation will close connection!

I also deactivate the "Optimize connection buffer size", but the problem still exits. When I download the file with pscp, everything works well.

I have the problem with downloading of the file on every machine. So maybe some settings are wrong?

Has anybody a hint to get rid of this problem?

PS: I use Version 5.17.7 (Build 10640)

Thanks for your support.