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Re: Firewall is blocking WinSCP?

If it stopped working suddenly, I would not expect the problem to be the firewall. It's rather something on the network.
Can you connect with any other client using the same protocol?

Firewall is blocking WinSCP?

Hey there,
I know that there is a seperate article about this, but the tipps didnt helped me or fixed my error.

I wanted to connect to my server, but I got
Network error: Connection timed out
So I followed the tipps listed here:

Yesterday everything worked fine, so I thought it should be the firewall.
I tried everything but winscp was enabled evrywhere, so I thought my router was the problem. I disabled the router firewall and my pc's firewall but it didnt fixed the problem.

So I opened a wifi hotspot with my mobile phone and voila: it worked.
I didnt changed anything in the settings, only my wifi.

I would be really happy if someone can help me, the wifi hotspot is a imperfect solution.
Thank you.