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Hey, tnx, I didn't have "Append session name to temporary path" enabled. Unfortunately I can't test this right now because the computers mentioned before are offline, but I'll report back if this won't solve my problem.

Re: Same filename, same hostname, different computers, unwanted file sync/rewrite

What are your storage settings?
This could happen if you have turned on Keep temporary copies of remote files in deterministic paths, while not having turned on Append session name to temporary path.

Same filename, same hostname, different computers, unwanted file sync/rewrite


I have a strange problem that I don't even know how to search for a solution, but the thing is that I use WinSCP to connect to different computers to edit files on them with an external editor (Atom). Some of the computers share the same hostname but are on different addresses/IPs.

The problem is if I connect to 2 computers (on our VPN) with the same hostname and edit a file (with Atom - when I save the file it gets automatically uploaded to that computer) that they both have on the same (absolute) path:
    - it gets updated on both computers, if I edit it on the "first" computer (the "ATP" computer in the logs) I connected to
    - and doesn't get updated at all, if I edit it on the "second" computer (the KFH computer in the logs) I connected to.

If I then close the session to the first computer and want to edit the file on the second computer, I get the "Can't upload edited file <file>; The session <session from the first computer> has already been closed" (mind again that I'm trying to edit the file on the second computer now) but the file can be edited with Atom just fine and gets updated just on the second computer and not the first (as it should).
However, if I then reconnect to the first computer (with the session to the second one stil opened) and reopen the file on it, the file I successfully edited before on the second, gets rewritten by the one from the first computer, even though I didn't save the file on the first computer.

If I restart WinSCP and the connect to either just the first or the second computer, the file gets edited as it should and on the right computer without any problems or rewrites.

I disabled any caching settings for both sessions and it doesn't help. Other settings should be more or less default. Any idea what could be causing that?