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Re: Does WinSCP Trust Amazon Trust Services?

Hello martin,
Thank you for your reply.

OK, I check Windows certificate store.

Re: Does WinSCP Trust Amazon Trust Services?

If I understand it correctly, they are switching to a different root certificate. WinSCP uses Windows certificate store to validate the certificates. So if your Windows certificate store trusts the new Amazon certificate, WinSCP will too.

Does WinSCP Trust Amazon Trust Services?


I'm currently using WinSCP on AWS S3 in ap-northeast-1 region.
The other day I received the following email from AWS.

Email body from AWS


In 2018, AWS announced a broad migration of AWS services’ SSL/TLS certificates to our own Certificate Authority, Amazon Trust Services. Consistent with this change, and beginning March 2021, Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront will begin migrating the Certificate Authority for each services’ default certificate. Using our own Certificate Authority, AWS services can better manage the security practices used to handle our default certificates.

Your action may be required to ensure your applications continue normal operation after this change. If you already use other AWS services, your application most likely already trusts Amazon Trust Services as many AWS services have already migrated. Visit for more information about Amazon Trust Services.

I would like to know if WinSCP will not cause any problems when switching to Amazon Trust Services.
Do I need to upgrade them to the latest version?

Thanks in advance,