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Appreciate the quick reply. Seems disabling logging allows the console script to run at the same speed as the GUI. I had ruled this out as I have 2 log files, both saved to the same shared drive. However I will investigate further and respond if I can't get to the bottom of it.

Kind Regards, Matthew

Re: Slow using vs WinSCP GUI

Please attach log files from both GUI and the script.

Slow using vs WinSCP GUI


When transferring a 10GB file using the GUI in Explorer mode to a local drive, transfer rate is 20MB/s.

The same action executed through the console on the same machine (A) gets 250kB/s transfer rate.

The same action executed through the console on different machine (B) on same network gets 20MB/s transfer rate.

Only difference between A and B is free space on C: drive: A has 8GB free, B has 30GB free. Same internet connection, same files, same everything else. I am using the latest version of WinSCP on both machines (5.17.9). This leads me to believe that somehow during the console transfer the file is temporarily cached on the C: drive, whereas not during Explorer GUI copy by "dragging the file" from source to destination? I have tried many console switches and options but nothing makes a difference. Can you help?