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Re: Server 2019-Konsole

Sorry, but "installation routine as administrator" is quote vague. What routine? How do you run WinSCP GUI?
You also did not answer all my questions.
Can you switch the language of Windows to English and post an exact English version of the error (not your translation).

Re: Server 2019-Konsole

winscp was installed using the installation routine as administrator.

yes, i Can you run WinSCP GUI

But when I run cmd ( also as administrator ) I get the blue message "This app cannot be run on the PC" and in the console it says "Access denied".

Re: Server 2019-Konsole

How was WinSCP deployed to that machine? Was it installed using the WinSCP installer? Or otherwise? What does where winscp output? Can you run WinSCP GUI?

Server 2019-Konsole

when I call winscp via the console
here comes a message, this app can not be executed on the PC
in the DOS window then comes "access denied".
no matter if administrator or not

I am logged in remotely ( Server 2019 )

grateful for any help