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Dan Curious


I can't explain it. But I stepped away from the desktop for several hours after shutting down winscp and JPSoft's Take Command Line, and ran the batch file again.

Perfect. Running the way it should.
Dan Curious

Unfortunately, unchecking the

Preserve timestamp

checkbox in Preferences/Transfer/Transfer Settings for Default, Text and Binary didn't help.

Still getting the same error. The error itself doesn't seem to hurt the Put file transfer. But it does stop the script, so no further transfers can take place.
Dan Curious

I go it. It IS under Transfer, but you have to Edit Default or whatever file type you're interested in.
Dan Curious

Where are the permission settings in preferences?


I'm getting the "error occurred while setting the permissions" that other users complained about. (Also, SETSTAT unsupported, but am not worried about it right now).


it mentions the Set Permissions checkbox, but I can't find that setting in the Preferences. Which Preference item are they referring to? It doesn't seem to be under Environment or Transfer.

Incidentally, the file DOES get uploaded, although the server moves it immediately.