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Can't get task scheduler to run a batch file that calls a script that works great manually

I have spent 12 hrs trying to figure out why Windows 10 Task Scheduler won't run a batch file that runs a script that is described in a youtube video about updating a files on a server using sftp. I used the examples in the video and everything works when I manually run the batch file. WinSCP opens and uploads files from my computer directory to the server directory.
I have both the batch file and the script txt file in the WinSCP directory. I run them from there fine. When I point to the same batch file in the Task Scheduler setup and run the task, absolutely nothing happens. I have watched countless videos about how to run Scheduler in the quick and advanced mode. I have changed the file permissions in the WinSCP folder so anyone can read or write files in that directory, I have tried everything I can think of, so I am turning to the forum for help.