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Re: Using WinSCP with non-Administrator account.

Sorry, but this is not WinSCP question. It is the server that controls the access, not WinSCP. WinSCP does not care what account you use.

Using WinSCP with non-Administrator account.


Great tool, I found it easy to transfer information between Windows 2012 AD Server and a RHEL workstation (Server class) system. The only issue that I am currently seeing is that any user can only login via an Administrator account. My non-admin account will not allow me to make a connection between the two systems as identified above. The Window Server is controlling and storing all user accounts for the small LAN even the one Linux workstation.

First please forgive me as the LAN is an air gap system and does not connect to the internet. Much of the information that I am providing is from memory as I don't have access to remove data from the system. When trying to login via the WinSCP tool using my admin account it works great. However non-admin account do not allow me to connect to the other system. I currently only have WinSCP installed on a Windows 2012 Server and Windows 10 Professional Laptop.

Either case when a non-admin account is used the WinSCP begins the remote connection then I get a pop up message that tell s me that it not able to connect. I don't recall the message. But, there was red octagon with a while horizontal line. So it seems it was an error relating to the that user account that was used.

Does WinSCP software allow for non-admin user to login. Currently the version that I am using is 5.15.x.