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Re: I resolved it

How did you resolve it?

I resolved it



the 'txt" extension outside WinSCP has an icon associated to NotePad++ and i checked the registry under Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Notepad++_file\DefaultIcon to see it was already assigned the correct icon. So it seems it is a some kind of bug with WinSCP not windows.

not a big deal but for years seeing it blank has been annoying.

Why doesn't WinSCP show an Icon for .txt files?

For the life of me, over the years and version and across different fresh installs of WinSCP i have never seen an icon associated with .txt files despite being associated with NotePad++ .. I do notice WinSCP does not like to give icons for apps taht are located in the \Program Files dir vs the Program Files (x86) but that is another story....

See attachment. I am using the standalone WinSCP (didnt use an installer).