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Thank you Martin for the information.

Re: How to configure SFTP Host Key

If you are interactively using WinSCP GUI, you do not need to do anything regarding the host key. The first time you login after the change, you will be prompted, if you trust the new host key:
Verify the fingerprint on the prompt against the one the administrators have provided (hopefully they did).

Regarding the ciphers. We do not not support old versions of WinSCP. But I believe that 5.10.1 does support at least the aes256-ctr. But you should upgrade anyway. 5.10.1 is four years old and it's a beta version!

How to configure SFTP Host Key

I am using Winscp version 5.10.1 to connect to a server using SFTP protocol. As a security improvement, SFTP Host key of the server is going to updated from 1024 bit DSA Host Key to 2048 bit RSA host key with below cipher option.

Do i have to update this new SFTP key manually? Is there any option where i can check this?
If I have to update SFTP key manually, how to do that in prior?

Also does my existing Winscp version support this new encryption configuration or I have to update winscp version?

Thanks in advance.