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Re: Emailing the whole folder from server after files update

That's a huge task to ask for. WinSCP scripting cannot ZIP files nor send emails. You can use the WinSCP script to download the files. And then ZIP them locally using any command-line ZIP tool and send the ZIP.

Part of that is shown in:

Though more reliable approach would be to use some high-level (scripting) language, like PowerShell.

If you need more programming help, you better ask as Stack Overflow.
(post a link here if you do)

Emailing the whole folder from server after files update


Hope someone can assist.

I have a Robot Welding Cell which is connected to a FTP server on one of my company's servers which synchronize the Robot Home directory every few minutes through a one way connection. The Robot Controller can not access the FTP Server from it's side but the FTP Server can access the controller and pull the data from it.

I would like WinSCP to check and then send the whole folder to my gmail account every day @ 06H00, 12H00 and 18H00 for production purposes. The files are overwritten each time it is synched.

I want to run a batch file through Task Scheduler on Windows 10 at the desired times stamps.

I did have a look at scripting and it is out of my league and I do not know where to start writing the script to do something like this. Can someone, if it will be possible, provide me with script example of what I require or similar please?