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Thanks for the reply. Erm, I don't recall it happening in the past. It did an auto update (I have a paid license, so it just tells me when a new version is out).

I will enable logging, and when it happens again I will make a copy of the log file.


Re: Upload/downloading bug it seems in latest version

Thanks for your report. How do you initiate the transfer? Please attach a full session log file showing the problem.

What version were you using previously? If you downgrade to that version, does the problem go away?

Upload/downloading bug it seems in latest version


Since the latest update (5.18.5), there seems to be a major issue with uploading and downloading files. I use SFTP. An example:

The file that shows such a large file, is actually only 4kb! IT just goes up and up and up, until you cancel it. The changes don't seem to get uploaded. It says "Temporary Directory", and that seems to be what is common across all the upload/downloads. I've had it do it on quite a few sites and servers, so pretty sure its down to WinSCP and not the server end

How can I debug? Its driving me crazy. I have to cancel, disconnect, reconnect, and then upload / download again :(