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Dear sv3223423432,

thanks a lot for your suggestion! We are glad to see you have found the way to our forum, which is our preferred way to communicate with WinSCP community.

Stay safe


In-App Feedback Dialog

I am not providing you with my feedback, i am permanently urged to give while using the application, because you do not provide me with an easy way to do so.

An easy way would be an entry in the Help Menu "Send feedback..." with a nice dialog for information to enter, including an automatically created screenshot (*before* the Feedback Dialog has opened).

Also, the dialog should remember information entered that has to entered every time, a feedback is being sent (ie. Name, Email). Please, keep the "Send additional debug information" unchecked when the dialog is opened (think of all the poor micro switches in mouses that would suffer from disabling this checkbox).

Also, wtf is the Exit menu item gone from the File Menu? Are you serious? 😊