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Re: no problem in current version

Thanks for your feedback.

no problem in current version

I tested with 5.19.1 and could not reproduce the problem.
Sorry for stirring things up without need.

Re: requested specifications

Can you reproduce the problem with the latest version of WinSCP?

requested specifications

The effect appeared with WinSCP 5.9.4 (Build 7333) on Windows 2016 Server (Win NT 6.2).
Target Machine is the same.
I use ini file for config storage.
Language is Deutsch (Deutschland)
A sample file is hard to create because I would have to delete most of my connections or to disclose a lot of credentials.

Re: Exporting and importing connections does not work if mutated vowels are in names/folder names

Thanks for your report. Though, I cannot reproduce your problem.

– What version of WinSCP and Windows are you using on the source and the target machines?
– Are you using default Registry or an INI file for configuration storage?
– What is the language for non-Unicode programs on both machines?
(Control Panel > Clock and Region > Region > Administrative > Language for non-Unicode programs)
– Can you post an example export that fails to import?

Exporting and importing connections does not work if mutated vowels are in names/folder names

I just moved a configuration from one server to another.
I had four folders in the connection list, being named
Zugang zu Kunden
Everything went fine but all connections in the first folder "Kundenzugänge" where empty. No server names, no user, etc.
After realising that the connections in the other three folders where imported correctly, I changed the name of the first folder to "Kundenzugang" on the source server. Import - Export - magically all connection details where there - except for three, which have vowels in there name :-)
It's not a big issue but I wanted to let you know and may be it helps others.