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Re: 权限问题困扰了我一整天

I'm sure this is not WinSCP problem.
My wild guess is that you are accessing the server using a different protocol than with the other clients. Note that WinSCP defaults to SFTP, while most other "FTP clients" default to FTP.


The FTP server is Serv-U. Now there are two level directories, namely personnel and information. Under the information directory, there are also regulations and manuals. Now there are users whose root directory belongs to personnel, and there is no locked root directory. Then, you should visit the regulations directory under information for users, and use WinSCP to click on the superior of personnel. But today, I downloaded five other clients, all of which can access the regulations directory, and only see the regulations. Please solve this problem. Also, even if I give the superior permission, WinSCP can access it, but I also see other directory names, such as the manual directory, but it is very unfriendly, and both those with permission and those without permission are displayed. So please keep the same strategy as other clients, it is urgent. The above comes from translation.