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Re: "could not find the string" dialog box always sends WinSCP window to the back

Thanks for your report. Though, I cannot reproduce this. What version of Windows? What version of WinSCP? Anything unusual about your Windows configuration? Some Desktop/Shell extension? How many monitors? Which one is the primary one? What exactly is "Google Chrome full screen"? The F11 mode?

"could not find the string" dialog box always sends WinSCP window to the back

If I'm using WinSCP's built in text editor and then do Ctrl+F to find a string and it doesn't find the string it's like the WinSCP window gets put behind every other open window.

So like let's say I was using my Google Chrome full screen and then, via the Windows taskbar, I go to WinSCP / it's text editor and do Ctrl+F to find a string that doesn't exist. At that point the Google Chrome window will suddenly pop to the front whereas WinSCP will go to the back. Like if I shrink every window from the taskbar I have to shrink all open windows to see WinSCP again.

This is super annoying behavior. Seems to me like it's a bug. Can it be fixed?