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You actually need to have logging enabled to get this output. Setting logging level is not enough on its own. So this produces those lines: /ini=nul /command "exit" /loglevel=1 /log=winscp.log

I do not think there's any difference between 5.17.10 and 5.19.5 in this respect. You probably have logging enabled in 5.17.10 GUI. And as you do not isolate your script from the GUI configuration (/ini=nul in my example), it affects the script output. While in 5.19.5 you probably do not have logging enabled.

In any case, in all APIs I know, it's always easier to collect a process exit code than collecting and parsing the process output. You should not rely on parsing it. It's a debugging information. Its format can change in future.

Hi Martin
As you mentioned, in version 5.17.10 if you specify logging level higher than 0 it shows "Exit code" and "Max roundtrip", but on any higher version it doesn't (it writes this info in log file, but not in standard output).
I'll try to get actual exit code, but I launch WinSCP from another executable, and it's not so easy to obtain that.

Re: does not show Exit Code

WinSCP outputs those lines on log level Debug 1 and higher only. I do not think this has changed between 5.17.10 and 5.19.5. You are probably using the "Normal" (default) logging level with your 5.19.5 installation. After all, your command-line does not set the logging level at all.

Anyway, you should not rely on those lines of output. They are for debugging only. Use the actual exit code.
Ivangi does not show Exit Code

I'm using WinSCP version 5.19.5 in Windows 2016 and when I launch from CMD command line, it does not return last two lines indicating "Exit Code" and "Max roundtrip". I launch this command:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\" /script="D:\Scripts\PruebaWinSCP.txt"

Version 5.17.10 is the last one on which it worked fine.
How can I recover the Exit code in output?