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@dognose: As you can see in the tracker linked above, this has been fixed in 5.21.7. Make sure you have the latest version of WinSCP. If you still have the problem even with the latest version, please let us know.

I can confirm this.

Usually I just update every now and then. So most the time have Update-Requests pending. Since years, WinSCP is frequently crashing (just silently closing) after a varying amount of time.

I always thought this is some sort of unhandled exceptions on connections - till I found this post.

After disabling the Update-Check, WinSCP now is up and running since 2 days, which never ever was possible before.

Re: WinSCP closing automatically

I am experiencing this behavior as well for the past couple of days. I'm currently on 5.19.6 (build 12002 2022-02-22). I don't have the ability to upgrade until my organization provides a newer release on our software center.

The shut downs are happening more and more frequently in the past couple of hours.

Re: WinSCP closing automatically

@Murali: What version of WinSCP do you have? Is it the latest one?

WinSCP closing automatically

I am also facing the same issue, it closes automatically. I do have pending updates.
I am not sure its because of the updates..

@rkajave: Most likely in few weeks.

When this fix will be released.
5.21.7 (not released yet)
Bug fix: Failure when system settings change after new version message box was displayed. 2148

Hope the frequent shutdown after sometime will be fixed.

Re: WinSCP closing itself when an update is pending

@ptha and @Rozza: The latest version of WinSCP has application logging feature. Would you please update your desktop shortcut (or whatever you use to run WinSCP) to add /applog="C:\some\path\winscp.applog" commandline parameter? Once WinSCP crashes, please send me the log.

Re: WinSCP closing itself when an update is pending

@ptha: Glad I'm not alone in this issue. Martin did try to figure out what was going on for me but no luck so far.
Still happening to this day, it's been running stable for a few days now but prior to that it would keep dying every ~30m–2hr as an example.

Guessing there's something specific to our setups causing this since no one else has had this issue

Re: WinSCP closing itself when an update is pending

I can confirm similar behaviour. WinSCP was constantly closing itself. I'm not sure within what time, but it could as soon as 30 minute sometimes. I frantically googled the issue, as it is very annoying for it to close for no reason, and I use it frequently. It did not seem to be crashing, I had no settings set for it to automatically close AFAIK.

Similar to @Rozza, I have had an update pending for quite some time – I just didn't get around to updating it, but also there are quite frequent updates. I would usually just click Close or hit the X to close the Update Pending dialog box.

Today I updated, and noticed for the first time it has gone 5 hours so far without WinSCP closing down by itself.


Re: WinSCP closing itself when an update is pending

Thanks for your report.
I have sent you an email with a debug version of WinSCP to the address you have used to register on this forum.

WinSCP closing itself when an update is pending


I've used WinSCP for ages and have never had this issue until recently. When there is an update pending, and I choose to "close" instead of upgrade on program start, the program will close itself after some time (seems to be 30 mins – 2 hours)

I am fairly sure this is the cause because on the 14th November I was using build 11749, and this issue was happening. I confirmed it was not a one time thing because I tried many times before updating.
I then updated to build 11829 and had no further issues, left WinSCP running overnight and it was still open in the morning.

This is again happening now as I'm choosing to dismiss the current update. What I'd like to know, is this an intentional "feature" or a bug? If this is intentional, it's absolutely insane and ridiculous. What if the user just CAN'T update at that time? I'd much rather uninstall and go find another program than let it dictate how I use it – in this case, forcing me to update or have the program and all your sessions exit all the time making you have to reenter creds! Fun..

If it's a bug, has anyone else had this issue? I had a quick skim through the forum but didn't find anything related. Let me know if there's something I can do to assist in this case