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Can you please answer all of my questions?

When my customers load a large text file on my server and I download it using WinSCP the file will have Chinese charters replacing text charters. The only solution I have found is having my customers zip the files before uploading to my server.

Re: Large text files with Chinese characters

OK, but you still didn't tell us how exactly this is connected to WinSCP. Do you download the files using WinSCP? With the ZIP files, do you download them the same way? Are you using a binary mode in WinSCP? Can post a session log file? Did you try using any other client using the same protocol? Does it behave differently?

Large text files with Chinese characters

Attached is a sample of a file. When requesting files from customers I need to have them zip the files otherwise it will sometimes come in looking like the attached file.

Thank you for your help.

Tim Sullivan

Re: Large text files have unwanted Chinese characters

We will need lot more information to help you. What text files? Downloaded files? Where do you see the "Chinese characters"? Few screenshots might help to document the problem.

Large text files have unwanted Chinese characters

Large text files will have unwanted Chinese characters in the file. To correct, the files need to be zipped. Is there something I am doing wrong?