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Yeah I did in the end.
One slight issue I found with that was the just was just huge.
Would be nice if we had buttons to let us filter:
Not on local but on remote
Not on remote but on local
Different between the two locations
And same

Then we could easily filter what we want to copy which way.

Agreed sorry. My mistake.

Is there any possibility of having an option to get it to also compare directories (not sub directories).
This is a frequent task when trying to see what folders in a big list I need to upload that are missing.

Yes, as the documentation, I've linked above, says.

Thanks for the fast reply.
Great app and thanks for all the work.

It's not sub directories I'm trying to check. I'm not worried about whether the content of the sub directories are the same, just whether the actual folders in front of me are the same, not their content.

I think I worked out the issue anyway, this function/feature only compares files and doesn't include the folders into the comparison.

Compare Directories - Not Working

I am using v5.19.5 and when I do 'Compare directories' between my remote FTP site (right panel) and my local folder (left panel) it is telling me 'No Differences Found' despite the fact I can see that the left panel has a significant number of folders that are not in the right and visa versa.
I was hoping it would highlight to me which folders are different between each side.