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Re: Can't connect

Chances are that you are using a wrong protocol. WinSCP defaults to the SFTP. So if you need to use FTP, you have to change the default protocol on the Login dialog.

See Network error: Connection to “…” refused

If that does not help: What is the full and exact error you are getting? Can you post a session log file? If you are getting some kind of "Connection refused" error, you better contact the vendor, or have your IT support talk to the vendor to find out why the connection does not get through.

Can't connect

I am not technical at all. Just want to get that out there. For my job I have a vendor that requires I download software via FTP. They suggested using WinSCP. So I downloaded it, followed the instructions and it won't connect. Keep getting a "refused" response. So I contacted our IT department and according to them, it is not on our end and they suggested I contact WinSCP support. Is there something I need to do to allow me to connect?