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Re: Very slow download speeds from remote server to local computer

What protocol are you using? Did you try another client using the same protocol?

Very slow download speeds from remote server to local computer

I am trying to use WinSCP to sync the files from a directory located on a linux-based supercomputer back to my Windows computer. I am able to connect successfully and start the syncing process; however, the download speed is incredibly slow. The directory I would like to sync contains subdirectories and several GB worth of data, and the download speed is only around 400 KB/s leading to an estimated time of over 15 hours. I have tried searching for a solution online, such as disabling the 'Optimize connection buffer size' option, but it did not increase the download speed. In connecting to the supercomputer, I am tunneling through another server. If I connected to VPN instead using the tunnel to connect to the supercomputer, would this increase the download speeds? Are there any other settings that I can try to change within WinSCP to increase the speed?

I will be generating nearly 1 TB of data over the next year so I need to solve this as soon as possible as the current download speed is unsustainable. I appreciate any help!

Ideally I would like to be able to transfer the data directly to a mapped network drive located on my computer. However, when I tried this, the download speed decreased even more drastically to only 35 KB/s. Any ideas would be very helpful.