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Re: Adding Directory for User

How did you change the permissions? Do I understand right that it's an OpenSSH server running on Windows? Is it the Microsoft's Win32-OpenSSH. If that's correct, note that the Linux-style permissions that you see in WinSCP are basically faked by the server and they are nor relevant. What matters are the Windows file system permissions. In any case, this is not really a WinSCP question.

Adding Directory for User

I am currently trying to add a directory for a user to view in WinSCP. Their environment was originally configured with OpenSSH. I have created the directory locally and given it the same permissions as other folders that the user can view but am unable to get it to work.

I am not sure which commands to run or how to edit permissions in order to make the non-viewable folder show up in WinSCP. In the attached photo, viewable 2,3,4 are all in different directories under SDRS. How were these configured to be viewable in WinSCP?

Please let me know if any further info is needed.