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For such use case, I believe that it's better to download the file and edit the local copy. You want to have the file stored in a known well-defined location (not in a temporary folder), if you need to keep it ready for the review and future upload.

Thanks for your answer.

We have only old-fashioned rules for uploading files.
First we edit files in local, and after manager approve the files, we can upload them manually.
Because the remote files editted directly have no approval, they should never upload.

Re: Option that don't upload when we edit remote file

So when should it upload? When you close the editor?
If you know some scripting, you can achieve that by wrapping editor call into a simple script that makes a copy of the edited file, opens the copy in the editor, and when the editor closes, copies the file back.

Option that don't upload when we edit remote file

Thanks for great app.

The remote file edited directly will upload automatically.
It is useful for almost all users but I don't need such function.
Do you have some way disable this function?
I couldn't find out from setting.

Behavior I want:

  1. double click to open a remote file
  2. edit and save (Ctrl+S)
  3. at this time, overwrite only in temp folder, don't update

If you need more information please let me know.