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Intermittent "(ESshFatal) Out of memory" Errors after Associate Changed FTP Host

Version: 6.1.1
This problem did not start occurring after an upgrade. This error has also been reproduced on v5.21.2.
MS Windows Version: Windows Server 2016
Transfer Protocol: SFTP
This error when running our .NET scripting, and also while using the GUI.

After the associate my company works with changed their FTP site to begin hosting on we have started intermittently seeing "(ESshFatal) Out of memory" errors that cause our automated transfers to fail.

I switched to manual transfers with the Commander GUI to troubleshoot and the error also appears there.

Attached is a full log of the issue occurring.
The file size of this transfer is normally >15GB.

As this issue only started occurring after our associate changed the FTP site I'm inclined to believe that this is some compatibility issue between WinSCP and the hosts FTP servers.
But I'm still very green. I wanted to post here and hopefully get some more info on what could be causing this error.