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Re: WinSCP Breaks Script

I guess your server is no longer compatible with the up to date version of OpenSSL, because it does not support up to date cryptography.
If you cannot update your (insecure) server, you will have to use old (and insecure) version of WinSCP.

(Note that your script is using FTPS, not SFTP)

WinSCP Breaks Script

We have a script to automate moving files from and to a mainframe server. We have no control over that mainframe server. We were using WinSCP version 6.1.* recently that one was upgraded to the latest version and it stopped working. We are not allowed to use just an FTP client, it has to be an SFTP client. Connecting using FTP works as a test but not allowed for audit/security purposes. What has changed, and what are the options to fix this?

The script is testftp.txt
open ftpes://USER:password@mfserver/ -certificate="*"

Commandline call
"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\" /ini=nul /script=testftp.txt

Connecting to mfserver...

Connection failed.
SSL3 alert write: fatal: handshake failure
dh key too small
TLS connect: error in error
Can't establish TLS connection
Disconnected from server
Connection failed.