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Re: Network error: Software caused connection abort during key exchange

Sorry, hard to tell. It can be a network issue. But it can also be some server-side problem or incompatibility between WinSCP and your not-mainstream SFTP/SSH server.

I'm not sure what "caching" you mean.

Network error: Software caused connection abort during key exchange

First of all your product has made work life so much easier. Greatly appreciate your hard work developing WinSCP.

Question is that we are having intermittent errors below during what appears to be the key exchange. I say it is network related but the network team is saying otherwise.

Would like to hear your opinion and if there is something we can do to prevent these intermittent errors?
< 2024-04-09 08:00:59.562 Script: Connecting to host...
. 2024-04-09 08:00:59.562 We claim version: SSH-2.0-WinSCP_release_6.3.2
. 2024-04-09 08:00:59.562 Connected to [Edited: removed IP Address]
. 2024-04-09 08:00:59.578 Remote version: SSH-2.0-SshServer
. 2024-04-09 08:00:59.578 Using SSH protocol version 2
. 2024-04-09 08:00:59.578 Have a known host key of type rsa2
. 2024-04-09 08:01:00.119 Enabling strict key exchange semantics
. 2024-04-09 08:01:00.119 Doing ECDH key exchange with curve nistp256, using hash SHA-256
. 2024-04-09 08:01:19.052 Network error: Software caused connection abort
< 2024-04-09 08:01:19.052 Script: Network error: Software caused connection abort

Second question, how do I disable WinSCP caching using Winscp.dll 6.3.2 with VB.NET?

Thanks for your support! It is greatly appreciated.