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Re: Feature: Use directory size from server (if provided)

Thanks for your suggestion. Let's see, if there's a more widespread use of the feature first.

Feature: Use directory size from server (if provided)

Currently WinSCP has a feature to manually calculate the size of directories. However, a server is able to provide this info too, even though it might be against any (?) specification.

My use case
I wrote my own FTP server to browse SQLite based file systems and I use WinSCP as the client. I implemented the MLSD command to list files/directories. For a file, the response might look like this and is already supported:
Type=file;Modify=20230331155201;Create=20230331155201;Size=1234; example.txt

For a directory it looks like this, but without the Size= param:
Type=dir;Modify=20230331155201;Create=20230331155201; example-dir

If I add the Size= param, WinSCP simply ignores it. So I propose to use this param if provided in the response. Of course, manually calculating the size would still work as usual and simply override any previously stored size.